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  • by Rolf Mueller Glodde

The Ultimate Christmas Gift - Native Trees

We are offering beautiful festive season Tree Gift Certificates for family and friends. These certificates are delivered electronically so virtually zero emissions are involved in their production. They also avoid the current supply chain bottlenecks and the 'kicker' is; that the trees purchased with the donation will keep growing for decades with the added bonus of sequestering Carbon as they do so plus, as they mature, providing a valuable natural habitat for native fauna.

How does it work?

You make a carbon offset donation to our charitable Carbon Neutral NZ Trust which will be used to purchase native trees for planting along the Wairoa Stream in Kerikeri (or at other suitable projects) to sequester Carbon. The Wairoa Stream projects were started back in 2013 and more than 19,000 native species have been planted along a 5km stretch of the Wairoa Stream and several tributaries. Additional areas are currently designated for new plantings. Even better, walking tracks through the plantings and established stands of mature native bush allow you to see the progress, not to mention enjoy this walk including the long lost Te Wairere waterfall all of which is within walking distance of the Kerikeri CBD. More information and updates on the projects can be viewed at:

To purchase a Tree Gift Certificate simple make a donation by credit card using the Donate button below. Include the name of the recipient when completing the donation details and we will email an electronic copy of the certificate to you within a couple of days. Each tree costs $5 which is the minimum donation. A tax-deductible receipt will be issued automatically.

Wairoa Stream Project: The earliest plantings from 2013 can be seen along the esplanade boundary.

Wairoa Stream Projects: A community planting effort along the boundary of a new section of track - Winter 2021

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