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  • By Lindsay Jeffs

Reducing your emissions - some actions

So you have seen what your carbon footprint is and now want to take some actions to reduce it.

The list that we have compiled is by no means an exhaustive one and is very much work in progress. We have set out a list of possible actions that you could consider, grouped under the headings that we use in the carbon calculator. Under each heading, the actions are listed in descending order of impact on your carbon footprint.

Not only will reducing your emissions help to slow or even reverse climate change, but it will more than likely save you money.


  • Join a community tree planting day once a year - you will feel good about and have a fun day out.

  • (10 trees planted per household could eventually sequester around 5,000 kg of carbon per year).

  • Plant a native or exotic tree on your property.

  • Estimated eventual sequestering value - 500 kg per annum

  • Compost your food waste.

  • Compost all your garden waste - it is better than burning it.



  • Changing your petrol / diesel vehicle for:

  • Electric vehicle (EV)

  • Motorbike.

  • Hybrid Vehicle.

  • e-bike or bicycle.

  • e-scooter.

  • More efficient petrol vehicle - compare the litres per 100km - if it is lower you are going to produce less carbon.

  • Consider car pooling or sharing a vehicle with a neighbour for that next shopping trip into town.

  • Walk or bike on some of those errands - reduce your footprint and improve your health.


  • Reduce your number of domestic air trips - do you really need to fly?

  • Holiday in NZ rather than flying or cruising to an overseas destination - look at your flight emissions - you will save most of those!

  • Use Sykpe for family or business 'meetings'.

  • If you must fly then consider buying a carbon offset - we will be offering them and the local community will benefit!

  • Choose and EV or Hybrid when renting a vehicle.

  • Cut the speed down when next out in the fizz boat or launch. Use the sail rather than motoring (if there is a breeze) when on the yacht.


  • Install or upgrade your home insulation - ceiling, floor and walls.

  • Install double glazed windows.

  • Consider installing a solar energy system.

  • Switch to a heat pump or solar hot water system.

  • Change your light bulbs from incandescent/florescent/halogen to LED.

  • Install thermal lined curtains.

  • Change your shower heads to low flow or install a low flow washer.

  • Wrap your hot water cylinder.

  • Use a cold wash cycle for your laundry.

  • Switch from coal or wood burning to a heat pump for your home heating.

  • Switch from mains or bottled gas to an electric or renewable energy source.


  • Recycle to reduce the number of bags or bins you put out for collection.

  • Compost food scraps rather than putting them in the collectable rubbish.

  • Clean your septic tank regularly.

  • Mulch or compost rather than burning garden waste.


  • Replace red meat with fish, chicken or pork.

  • Buy NZ grown fruit and vegetables - even better buy local at your local markets or road side stalls.

  • Choose to have meat free days.

  • Have a dairy free day.

  • Plan your meals - only buy fresh food that you can consume before it spoils.

  • Have a look at this food calculator on the BBC website. It allows you to see the emissions for your favourite foods.

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