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While the data we hold cannot be identified with a particular household, we do recommend that you read the following carefully:


  1. Registration & Carbon Data: By filling out and submitting your Carbon Data via this website and providing any further related information to us, you grant us, the owners of this website (Carbon Neutral NZ Trust), the right to collect, aggregate, and disclose summarised Carbon Emission & Sequestration Information. Your own personal carbon data will only be visible to you.

  2. Information to be provided: Your Registration and Carbon Data includes all information that you supply when registering and completing your Carbon questionnaire, such as your contact details, and information about your carbon emissions (such as energy consumption, transport, travel, composting and food consumption) and your sequestration data.

  3. How we use the information: Your personal Carbon Survey information will only be disclosed to you or anyone you have shared your login details with. Your Carbon Survey Information will be aggregated with that of other users for the purposes of providing you and other users with the services offered by the Carbon Neutral NZ Trust website. This includes collating your Carbon Emissions Information with information provided by other users, analysing and evaluating that collated information.

  4. Updating and storage of your information: Your Registration and Carbon Survey data will be collected and held by Carbon Neutral NZ Trust. This information will be stored in databases held by Inc, who provide the content management and data storage services to Carbon Neutral NZ Trust. You’ll be able to change or delete any of your Registration or Carbon Survey Information at any time – just get in touch with us by email at

  5. Disclosure of your information: Your Registration and Carbon data will not be disclosed and will always be kept confidential by us, unless you consent us to release it to other parties – or its release is required by law.

  6. Promotional materials and emails: By registering to use our website you consent to us, or our approved third parties, to send you promotional materials and emails about related products and services.

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