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How to calculate the cost of a carbon offset

Offsetting my annual carbon footprint

For the purposes of the exercise, let's assume a hypothetical carbon footprint (determined by using our calculator). of 10,000 Kg.

  • The calculation is 10,000(kg)/1,000(kg per tonne) = 10 tonnes.

  • 10 tonnes x $60= $600 per annum to offset your footprint.

Offsetting a flight

We use a figure of 0.1kg of carbon per km per passenger


A return flight from Auckland to Sydney for one passenger would require an offset of $10.33 calculated as follows:  ​

  • Calculate the distance between the cities at this link:

  • The distance to Sydney is 2,156km x 2 (return flight) = 4,312km

  • The carbon emissions are calculated as follows 4,132km x 0.1kg per km = 413.2kg

  • 413.2kg x $60per tonne = 413.2/1,000 x $60 = $24.79 to offset the flight.

Offsetting a Motor Vehicle Trip

We estimate that in a medium sized vehicle you will emit 0.24kg per kilometre.

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