Carbon Offset Scheme

“Offsetting” is paying someone else to reduce your carbon emissions or absorb carbon in some way rather than reducing your own greenhouse gas emissions.  As such it is not a long-term sustainable solution to the problem of greenhouse gas emissions but can be useful in the short-term. 

Offsetting is frequently used when it is not practical for the individual, business or organisation to reduce their own greenhouse gas emissions such as air travel for work.   By purchasing offsets some of the damage done can be reduced.

Offsets normally involve tree planting, energy conservation, renewable energy sources and funding climate related research.

Carbon Neutral NZ Trust Offset Scheme

Carbon Neutral NZ Trust is developing a carbon offsetting scheme whereby all offsetting donations received will be spent in the local area from which the donation came supporting local projects and businesses that will in turn reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Offset funds received will be used to support many local community initiatives which may include the installation of PVC solar panels on community houses, buying electric vehicles for local schools/community organisations, supporting better insulation of social housing, purchasing electric bikes or planting trees in community owned open spaces to sequester carbon.


What is the cost of an offset?

The offset amount is calculated using the amount of CO2e that you wish to offset. Carbon Neutral NZ Trust is presently using NZ$25 per tonne of CO2e. You will need to calculate the tonnage CO2e and then multiple this by $25. We have set out some examples here.


How do I pay the offset to Carbon Neutral Trust?

  • You can pay to our bank account as follows:

    • Our Bank Account is ​38-9019-085-4429-00  (Kiwibank)

    • Please add the following particulars 

      • Particulars = Your Surname​

      • Code = Offset

      • Reference = your Postal Code (we use postal codes to determine your location so that we can allocate accumulated offsets from your locality to projects in the same area).

    • Alternatively, you can pay by credit card or PayPal using the link at the base of the page. Please ensure that you include your postal code in the address details so that we can allocate accumulated offsets from your locality to projects in the same area.