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Ambitious Emissions Reduction Plan required for Aotearoa's low carbon future!

Kia ora,

We are all still navigating the uncertainty and disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, I’m also focused on the other global crisis – climate change. I’m doing everything in my power to make sure this Government’s response matches the scale of the climate emergency.

To do this, I really need your input. Timing is critical.

Today, the Ministry for the Environment released a public consultation on the development of New Zealand’s first-ever Emissions Reduction Plan (ERP). The Emissions Reduction Plan will be one of the most important, most comprehensive plans this Government creates. It will set out exactly how Ministers, across Government, plan to reduce climate pollution to meet our emissions targets and address the climate crisis.

If done right, it will set us firmly on the path to a low emissions future.

The implications of this plan are huge. A future where our day-to-day lives are powered by clean, renewable energy. Where there is cleaner air to breathe; genuine low-carbon transport options for everyone; homes that are heated by the power of the sun and kept warm by insulation; lower energy bills, so there is more money in people’s pockets; and where we work with nature to grow our food, not against it.

Right now, I’m working with Ministers across the whole of Government to discuss what action they will take to cut emissions in the areas they are responsible

Only an ambitious Emissions Reduction Plan will be enough to build a low carbon future for Aotearoa, and the more voices there are calling for bold action, the more ambitious we can be. Can you add yours?

Reversing the last several decades of inaction is no small task, but it’s one I am committed to and we are making a tangible difference. Now we have to keep going, and really up the pace.

The Emissions Reduction Plan will be the next crucial step towards our low-carbon future.

Thank you, for everything you do to help get us there.

Ngā mihi,

James Shaw Green Party Co-leader


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