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What can we do about Carbon inequality in 2030?

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Carbon inequality is extreme, both globally and within most countries. If the 1.5⁰C goal is to be kept alive, then carbon emissions must be cut far faster than currently proposed.

But critically, these efforts must go hand-in-hand with measures to cut pervasive inequality and ensure that the world’s richest citizens – wherever they live – lead the way. We must aim at emissions of 2.2 tons of CO2e per person per year.

The super-rich are presently emitting around 67.7 tons of CO2e per person per year.

Conclusion: Undoubtedly – as argued by several others – it is time for governments to raise major taxes on, or to outright ban highly carbon-intensive luxury consumption, from SUVs to mega-yachts, private jets and space tourism, that represent a morally unjustified depletion of the world’s scarce remaining carbon budget. *Read the attached OXFAM/IEEP pdf (below) for full details

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