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  • By Lindsay Jeffs

Waiheke Island aiming for carbon neutrality

Carbon Neutral Waiheke (CNW) is a group of individuals, households, businesses and organisations aiming for Waiheke to be the first island in New Zealand to be carbon neutral.

Our focus is on working collaboratively with all Waiheke stakeholders by providing information, guidance and support to achieve a carbon neutral future for the island.

CNW has developed some tools to:

  • determine the overall carbon footprint of the island

  • measure and assess individual, household and business net greenhouse gas emissions

  • reduce emissions, and

  • provide, by networking with local businesses and organisations, creative options to enable offsetting locally thereby, decreasing Waiheke Island’s greenhouse gas emissions and become carbon neutral.

Ongoing projects:

  • Identify the amount of land that is under covenant, on the island and measure the carbon sequestering that occurs on this land.

  • Continue to test the carbon calculator and its application to the island.

  • Work with local businesses that can supply carbon emissions reduction products or services such as electric vehicles, bikes and scooters, PVC solar panels, double glazing and heat pumps,

  • Encourage tree planting, wetland restoration and composting initiatives to increase carbon sequestration on the island.

  • Work with local businesses and community organisations to reduce waste, rescue food and improve energy, transport and building efficiency

  • Support Auckland Council’s plan to achieve a low carbon economy and initiatives such as the Live Lightly campaign.

  • Work with the local Waiheke Board to achieve Waiheke Becoming a Low Carbon Community.

  • Undertake research into climate change, its potential impact on coastal erosion, sea level and possible mitigating strategies.

  • Maintain the Waiheke Carbon Neutral Facebook page that will provide information, guidance and inspiration.

  • Measure progress towards the benchmark of Waiheke being the first carbon neutral island in New Zealand. Insert diagram of NZ, world average, world target and Waiheke)

Waiheke Island

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