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The Zero Emissions Tractor

Heard of AgLocos? Neither had I, but read on to find out more about the zero emissions tractor that this New Zealand company believes has huge potential The following is an extract from AgLoco's website:

AgLocos are directly powered by solid bio-fuel including any type of solid biomass, conventional firewood, wood chips or densified biomass like pellets and briquettes. Less than 2% of a typical farm’s land area will meet AgLoco fuel requirements. This enables improved land productivity, for example, by putting shelter-belts to work growing fuel or using crop residues. AgLocos™are an ideal match for Agroforestry systems offering productivity improvements of 40%. Read more here:

Sam Mackwell, co-founder of AgLoco explains how it works in this video (26 min in duration):

The company hopes to have secured funding to build a prototype. Their recent pitch for funding makes for impressive reading - download the PDF below (10 minutes to read).

AgLoco Courting 2707
Download PDF • 10.28MB

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