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Waiheke to Wellington - by bike!

Some of the team from Carbon Neutral Kerikeri & Carbon Neutral Waiheke will tomorrow (23 March) embark on the “Kaitiaki Guardian” e-bike ride. Starting on Waiheke Island the team are riding all the way to Wellington.

It is hoped to arrive at the Beehive around the time that the Zero Carbon Bill is introduced to Parliament. By meeting at the Beehive, we're hoping to promote public support for the rapid adoption of the Bill.

This is just the first step, but it's the most important help we need right now from our politicians. However, it is not just our politicians that need to help to create change. It is up to us as everyday people to make little changes, consistently by understanding our carbon impact of our daily routine.”

Lindsay Jeffs (that's Lindsay with Kaitiaki to the right) of Waiheke Island kicked off the concept of a ride to Wellington and soon had enough enthusiastic support to ensure that he could not back out.

Rolf and Inge of Kerikeri offered their camper van as the support vehicle and had a tow bar and sign attached. Christian Hoff-Neilsen and Darleen Tana of “Bikes and Barbers” offered their solar trailer (for powering up the bikes) and e-bikes, and will also accompany Lindsay on the trip on their own e-bikes. In addition a number of riders will join the core team along the way.

Lindsay (Waiheke), Rolf and Inge (Kerikeri) - three of the Trustees of Carbon Neutral Trust. Rolf, a passionate climate activist, is riding and supporting, commenting that; "this journey from Waiheke Island to the Beehive is to support the Zero Carbon Bill in its strongest form. We use e-bikes and push-bikes to emit a minimum of CO2". Inge (right) believes that climate action should be fun and inclusive and is the driving force behind the Kaitiaki material.

Terry and Ali Goodall of Kerikeri - said that they were participating for part of the ride to help raise public awareness about the deepening climate crisis by encouraging every Kiwi to join in creating a solution in as many ways as possible. Terry commented further; "we are focusing on showing Kiwis, and the world, that there are holidays and adventures to be had without the massive carbon cost of air tickets.”

The ride is roughly following the 'Tour Aotearoa' route from Auckland to Wellington and will take around 25 days to cover the 1,200 kilometres.

Why is it the Kaitiaki Guardian e-bike ride?

In December 2018, the Trust released an educational Dr Suess-style video to help families to understand the buildup of CO2 gas in our atmosphere. Kaitiaki Guardian is the main character, and so the group feels it fitting that she come along for the ride. Kaitiaki, in Maori legends, is the guardian of the land, sea and sky. This was an effort to encourage families to use our free carbon footprint calculator.

The Kaitiaki Video

The calculator enables families to calculate their emissions and, unlike any other calculator, their sequestering (absorption) of CO2. The website also offers practical tips on how families can decrease emissions and increase their sequestering by making little changes to their daily lives.

We will be updating the progress of the riders, many of whom are on the wrong side of 50, so make sure you check-in regularly or follow them and offer your support, on our Facebook pages (see links below).

You can also do your bit to support the riders by using the calculator to check your own carbon footprint.

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