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  • By Inge Bremer

I like the product but not the packaging

Ok, so we have eliminated single use plastic bags from Supermarkets but what about all the other unnecessary single use packaging that is wrapped around so many products?

Our recent article, 'Reducing the need for plastic' , looked into this and apart from simply not buying the offending products (not always a viable option) what else can you do?

You can download Jane's template here. Simply print off a sheet and start leaving the message next time you come across a product you like but...

A comment from Jane: "Zero Waste is a call to action to prevent wastefulness by changing the way we live to reduce our reliance on manufactured goods and ensure that when we do use products, we choose items where every part of product and packaging can be composted or recycled. ‘Waste’ and ‘landfills’ become obsolete concepts. Its not going to be an easy process. Join me in dreaming of our children and grandchildren flourishing within a living world where all living species including people are integral partners in a healthy regenerating circle of life. The exciting thing is that by joining with others to start small but start now, you know that what you do does make a difference…".

To find out more about Jane and her zerowaste approach:

Facebook Group: Far North Zero Waste

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