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  • By Cliff Mail

Become a "Flexitarian"

I have come across this term a number of times already in 2019.

I first saw it in this recent article in The Guardian which talked about the impact that eating meat has on the environment. For many of us, changing to either a vegetarian or vegan diet is a step we are not quite ready to make - yet. However, after using the Carbon Neutral calculator, I was shocked to see the extent to which my diet impacts on my carbon footprint.

Reducing the number of meat days does have a big impact but telling others that "I eat less meat" seems to lack a little impact. However, telling someone that you are a 'flexatarian' is probably more likely to elicit a response such as "what is that?" I Googled the term and found this definition of the flexitarian diet.

I was drawn to another article that talked about the reasons why a person was reducing the number of flights that they made each year and again the term 'flexatarian' was used. People are starting to apply the flexatarian diet principle to their flying.

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