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Dreaming of ferries and bike lanes during the summer break

The NZHerald ran a summer series written by Simon Wilson that looked at things that could make our lives a little better.

Two of the articles stood out. The first one had very enthusiastic support from the team at Carbon Neutral Waiheke who also have a dream that the next generation of commuter ferries will be electric. Read Simon's article "A dream of fabulous Ferries for Auckland".

But of course dreams are a little harder to convert to reality as Todd Niall wrote in Stuff on 15 Jan when he outlines that new ferries are on hold due to funding issues.

Simon Wilson also looked at how the future design of Auckland (but insert any town or city in New Zealand instead) will not be solely for the "traditional" car or truck. In Kerikeri we are grappling with congestion problems but maybe more and improved roads designed for current transport options is not the answer. Read Simon's "Bike lanes are just beginning"

Don't forget that each of us needs to make our views know to the relevant Government Ministers:,,

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