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  • By Inge Bremer

Manuka or Kanuka - Which tree should I plant?

Kanuka grows to an average height of 10-15m with a circumference of 15-40 cm while Manuka reaches 6-8m in height and 7-10 cm diameter. Kanuka grows faster and prefers warmer temperatures. Both are great 'nursery trees' and are harvested for oil and honey.

In the Bay of Islands, Kanuka and Manuka are used in native forest regeneration projects such as those undertaken by The Guardians of the Bay of Islands on the islands of Ipipiri and the Wairoa Stream projects in Kerikeri. Both groups use these faster growing plants as shade and shelter for the larger but slower growing trees.

From a purely sequestering viewpoint, Kanuka, the larger and faster growing tree, will absorb more carbon.

If you want to know more about these two common native trees read the following detailed article

Young Kanuka plants waiting for in-fill planting on the banks of the Wairoa Stream in Kerikeri. Community planting days are a great way of helping to both restore native habitat and within a few years, sequester carbon.

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