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"It's now or never" - to keep warming below 1.5c

The last instalment of the IPCC trio of reports was released early Tuesday our time. In short, it is saying that the climate can no longer be 'kicked down the road. The Guardian summarised the report pointing out that the unrelenting growth in greenhouse gas emissions must be reversed by 2025, achieving this will require a massive effort but it is doable. We just need to start taking action at an individual, organisational and Government levels.

Unfortunately, we in New Zealand are amongst the worst offenders when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions (on a per capita basis) and unlike many other developed countries, ours are still rising. RNZ put a local slant on progress and attitudes noting that in Auckland, where the aim is to reduce transport emissions by 45%, things are tracking in the opposite direction - towards a 14% increase in emissions!

At Carbon Neutral, we give you the tool to measure your own impact on emissions - our carbon calculator. Use the calculator to assess the emissions of your household. We also have a list of suggestions that you can consider for reducing your footprint.


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