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  • By Inge Bremer

Does my diet have a carbon impact - You Betcha!

About 50% of our carbon emissions are caused by what we choose to eat, and how much we waste of it.

At present about 30% of the food we produce is discarded. It seems we need an app about what to do with food scraps!

So how does our diet impact on emissions?

These are numbers that we discovered when we were building the carbon calculator:

  • A meat lover has a foot print of 3,300 kg Co2/year

  • an average eater 2,500 kg,.

  • a no beef eater 1,900 kg,

  • a vegetarian 1,700 kg, and a vegan 1,500 kg

If you want to eat, or enjoy eating meat every day, you may need to consider planting more trees.

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