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Helping to avert the looming crises: tweak your diet and cut food waste

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

The latest ICCP report on Climate Change and Land that was released this week was a further stark reminder that we are facing a 'perfect storm' for the creation of both a climate and food crisis. The status quo for food consumption (and associated land use) is unsustainable! If you don't feel like wading through the full report, the following article on National Geographic summaries it.

Among many other recommendations in the report, one that we can all have an impact on is: cutting food waste and reducing meat consumption. This is something that we all have a high degree of personal choice about. Our choices, as consumers, send 'market signals' to those involved in the selling and growing of our food. If demand drops for particular food items they are unlikely to be produce that food in the same quantities. But what are the options that are available to us? Well it is not simply a choice of shifting to a vegan diet or stopping the consumption of red meat. There are many options available that can have a real impact.This article on was written after the release of the ICCP report and it is really helpful in guiding you through those options and the impact that they have on emissions. That article is more focussed on the emissions associated with different foods. If you want to get an idea of the land use impact, have a look at this calculator on the BBC website

If you want to track your overall carbon footprint then try out our carbon calculator right here on this website.

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